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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blogbuster Email dari Nuffnang

Assalamualaikum peeps.

Tadi Huda cek email. Tup tup dapat email dari Mr. Nuffnang. Eyh biar betul. Bukak mata luas-luas. Kecik besar kecik besar. Hahaha. Baca la...

Dear Blogger,

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the error in the previous Blogbuster email.

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to participate in a Blogbuster campaign based on your survey preference to run Expandable ads. If you wish to be excluded from future Blogbuster campaigns, kindly leave a message at our helpdesk

The details of this campaign are as follows:

Campaign Name:
Switch 2 U Blogbuster

Video Submission Deadline:
2nd July 2013

Campaign Period:
9th July 2013 – 29th July 2013

You will earn: 
RM0.50 for each complete play of the video that is shown on your ad unit (this rate applies to Glitterati members only).

As this is a first of its kind campaign, we understand that many of our Nuffnangers have questions about this campaign. Here is a summary of what to do:

1. Record a short video (approx. 10 seconds) based on the brief given in your Blogbuster tab.
2. Upload your video in the space provided. You may upload up to 5 videos.
3. If your video(s) is chosen for the campaign, it will be shown on the ad displayed on your blog. Kindly note that if your video(s) is not chosen, the ad will not show up on your blog.
4. Please note that pproved videos will be compressed and branding may be added to the end depending on the requirements of the campaign.
For more information about the campaign, just login to your Nuffnang Dashboard and click on the additional tab titled "Blogbuster" under "Services".

If you have any further questions regarding this Blogbuster campaign, please write in to our Helpdesk. Kindly take note of the submissions deadline, and we look forward to your submissions!

The Nuffnang Team

Macam best je kan offer dari Mr. Nuffnang ni tapi apakan daya Huda bab video ni lemah sikit. Hahaha. Sorry Mr. Nuffnang. Maybe I didn't participate in your contest. Next time ya. :D

Xoxo Huda


  1. Replies
    1. Mengikut email yang Nuffnang bagi, diorang suruh buat short video. Saya pun tak expert sangat dengan benda alah ni sebab 1st time dapat invitation cenggini. Hihi

  2. sama la kita..saya pun ada dapat gak..tapi tak reti la nak buat video ni..haha

    1. kan...kalau ada HP canggih manggih blh la buat video. :D


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